This is the Most Important Year of Your Life

Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming made a comment from the Senate floor on January 9th 2018. He shared that his 96-year-old mother watches CSPAN each morning making sure to catch the pledge of allegiance and the opening prayer by Reverend Black. This gives her confidence that the nation is moving forward. She also told him every year since he was a boy that this is the most important year of your life.

Is this statement true? Is this the most important year of your life? Will everything you do this year set you in the right direction for each year thereafter?

You might not think this year is your most important. Maybe last year or 5 years from now will be. This is because you are still thinking about last year or anticipating a year in your future when goals are met and dreams have come true.

This feeling that now is not your most important moment is your elephant in the room. It is a feeling that is false and distracting you from doing important things today.

Today you can identify one thing that is important to you or your business that you have been ignoring. Take five minutes to break it down into small tasks, and complete the first task on the list. Maybe tomorrow you will complete the second.

Think of goals as the result of a series of tasks and behaviors as opposed to a challenge to achieve or accomplish. Goals are the outcomes of small focused moments and actions. Of course, they take effort and time, but they can be enjoyable. When you need help with a task, seek help with that task alone, not necessarily the broader goal. That’s an easier approach.

So, what does this mean for a small business owner and working professionals? I invite you to stop thinking so much about the big picture and focus more on what you can learn and do today. We have all convinced ourselves that we are striving for an accomplished life or successful business, represented by titles, possessions and bank accounts accumulated by some future date. While we do this, we miss the importance of and the inherent surprises in daily activity that define a well-lived life.

Every work environment is a unique expression of dynamic human beings interacting to create moments of satisfaction – arising from productivity, appreciation, learning, teaching, giving and receiving.  This is your life absolutely, the sum of these moments. Recognize them with the confidence that this is the most important year of your life.

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