Build Something to Admire: Put People First

People United

Why do many business transactions fail to feel good? Do some of your personal or business purchases feel laborious, confusing, too time consuming and stressful? When businesses fall short of reaching your expectations, it is usually a result of internal or external challenges that lead to a purely transaction-based approach to business operations. In such cases, businesses easily run off …

4 Ways Consultants Help Your Team

As consultants, we are constant learners ready to apply what we know to your business or project. Partner with us and enjoy reliable and consistent support. We Help you Keep Up Your industry, customers and marketing landscape are constantly changing and you must keep up. If your competitors jump ahead of you in terms of branding, marketing and product development, …

New Conveyance Tax Rate Effective July 1st 2020

Community Awareness

Effective July 1, 2020, the conveyance tax rate in CT on the sale of a property above S2,500,000 will have a Three Tier Tax Rate. Under the current law, there is a Two Tier Tax Rate for sales above $800,000. The current law is as follows: Current Two Tier Conveyance Tax .75% of the sale price up to $800,000 1.25% …

12 Critical Email Marketing Tips

Communicate in your own voice. What does your brand stand for? Your communications program should support your branding platform.